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San Diego hikers ready for a trip up Cowles Mountain


Join SDSOS and AM1360 at Claim Jumper TODAY at 10:00 am

Join SDSOS and AM1360 at Claim Jumper TODAY at 10:00 am

Join San Diego School of Survival and AM 1360 San Diego for a chance to win a SDSOS Confidence course giveaway for 2 valued at $800 and another chance to win VIP tickets to the Chargers VS Denver Game on Dec. 14th!!!

Next Event will be at Claim Jumper in Rancho Bernardo on Sunday Sept 21st!!

For more information click here

photo 1We have already given away one event, will you be the next lucky one?

Congrats to Jeff Fink aka 007! We will be looking forward to seeing you on the trail soon!!

And special thanks to Steve Hartman, What an awesome guy, and we hope to see you out there soon!!!


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Join SDSOS at C.A.R.G.O.’s 5th year Anniversary

Join SDSOS at C.A.R.G.O.’s 5th year Anniversary

San Diego School of Survival will be giving free San Diego day hiking, packing and San Diego Bugging out classes. We will teach you how to pack and what gear to pack for day hiking and survival in San Diego. We will also be talking about, and teaching you how to pack for and bugging out of San Diego should a disaster occur!!!

For more information check out their website or their Facebook page for more updated events

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Wilderness Education

Wilderness Education

We offer many courses, from beginners all the way to seasoned professionals and even Military,Special Forces and Law Enforcement. We teach Land Navigation, Wilderness Survival,  and Human Tracking, in many different topographies, and climates. For more information on our many classes, click here



San Diego School of Survival specializes in teaching you to survive many different types of situations that may  happen from time to time. From survival in the outdoors, to urban survival during disasters, our instruction could help you and most importantly, your family, during dire circumstances.

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