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Bug out packing list

Bug out packing list

So you got a bug out bag, cool. Question, how heavy is it? Do you think you can go far with it? Remember, San Diego is all hills. Everywhere you go, there is a hill! My point is, keep it light. You only need a few things to get you through to your planned safe place.

Remember, not all bug-out situations will be able to be done in a vehicle. You will more than likely have to travel on foot or bicycle. So, your bug-out bag needs to be light enough for you to walk or ride long distances and still be comfortable. You will also need to stay light to move quickly, and be still be comfortable after mile 5. Remember the heavier the pack the more irritated and worn out you will become. When your morale decreases so does your ability to fight and pay attention to what’s going on around you. You need four elements of Fire, Water, Food and Shelter to survive. Below are the basics that will help you in achieving that.


Survival (Urban and Wilderness)

Cash*** Speaks all languages and political ideals.

Day Pack/Trekking Pack                                        Camel Back 3 Liters of Water

Knife fixed (Single Bevel, High carbon steel)     Knife Folding (Kershaw,Emerson)

Emergency Blanket (SOL Heavy Duty)                 3 Season Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Pad (Foam, Air)                                         Multi Tool (Gerber Suspension)

Note Book (Write in the Rain)                                 Plastic Poncho or Garbage Bag

Farro Rod or Fire steel (matches, Lighter)            Sawyer Water Filter

Bandanna or Shemagh                                              Head Lamp

1st Aid Kit                                                                     Survival Kit

Hat and/or beanie if you choose                             whistle

Sunglasses (Sunscreen is your choice)                   Nalgene collapsible Bottle

Hiking Gloves (I like Mechanix)                              550 Cordage (Spool Tool)

Jet boil or similar Stove                                             Hiking Poles if you choose

Canteen Cup                                                                 Garmin GPS

Topo Map (MyTOPO)                                                 Suunto M9 Compass

Warm/Cool clothing (Desert temps fluctuate 30˚ – 80˚ in a single day)


Lightweight Food

Cliff Bars       Electrolytic and energetic foods if possible.

Oatmeal         Ramen

Almonds        Hippie foods from REI usually do well for you in a pinch

*Keep in mind this uses up water you may need. However regardless of what you eat you will need water to digest it either mixed in with the food or consume it with the food.


  • You will want to protect your upper body more than legs.
  • Research smart wool and layers for the weather.
  • San Diego gets cool at night sometimes. You should be warm on the move; you only get cold when you are still.
  • You will also want to carry extra socks and underwear. For men it’s just for morale, for ladies… the ecosystem is a bit more fragile, I would go with what works for you. You’re not trying to look sexy; you’re just trying to be comfortable.


  • Deodorant
  • Tooth Brush (Cut down for weight)
  • Toothpaste
  • Aspirin
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Baby Wipes
  •  Cotton Balls
  • Weapons

Handgun: (Also speaks all languages)  Many arguments on this, Go with what you practice with and are accurate with

-Glock 19, 9mm, is easy to conceal and is still accurate for it’s size.

-1911, .45, is a bit heavy to conceal but has good stopping power

-M&P Shield, 9mm, Small and light to conceal, only has 7 rounds

Rifle, hard to conceal if needed and may be too heavy to carry, may attract unwanted attention.

-M&P 15

-Stag Arms

-Daniel Defense if you can afford it

-Ak 47/74. Reliable.


Phone (If even useful anymore)

Ham Radio programmed with emergency codes and repeaters

-Get a license, Learn Radios

Lap Top (If relevant or even useful anymore)

Solar Chargers

Spot GPS

GPS (Garmin)

Comfort Items

-Choose what you want, part of survival is the emotional aspect. bring what you think will help you emotionally.

These are the very basics. Remember, keep your pack light, but the heaviest thing in your pack, should be water!!!

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  1. Andrey says:

    Thank you for a great article!
    Like the last tip. Water is something you often don’t think about when you’re in rush, but you can’t survive without.

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