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San Diego Bug-out

San Diego Bug-out

Disaster Preparedness and Self Re-location

(Bugging Out)

We are going to be releasing various articles and class information usually reserved for paying customers on Bugging out in San Diego. This will be a series of posts and blogs that will talk about bugging out in San Diego. We will talk about realistic disasters and how to prepare for them. So without further delay, lets jump in.

Over the past five years or so the term “Bugging out” has become popular among the “prepper” group and survivalists alike. Even government agencies like F.E.M.A. talk about bugging out and how to pack for it on their website*. F.E.M.A even has a recommended packing list for getting out of dodge. Many people argue on how to bug out and if even bugging out is the right thing to do. There is an infinite amount of variables that are almost impossible to calculate when it comes to trying to make the right decision on what to do, even more impossible when you are responsible for other people or even your family. Some people even create groups of people with special skills, cohesive personality types, equipment, and supplies that they hope will help in disasters or EOW (End of World) events. Ultimately the decisions you make, gear you carry, succeed or fail will be dependent on your empirical existence, training, and research. In the end, it falls on you. Every one has different ideas on what gear to carry, what’s important, and when to bug in or bug out. There are, however, some basics that one needs to know and exercise in order to have a fleeting chance at surviving whatever event you are preparing for.

The first basic thing one needs to know is how to make a decision on when to bug out or bug in. The severity of the disaster will determine weather your house or condo is safe enough to live in until help comes or the event is over. For California and specifically San Diego County, the biggest threat to our livelihoods is fire, second is power outages, and third is earthquakes. How you prepare for these events and the severity of their nature will depend on you and your family making out alive.

It may not be a bad idea to begin researching, taking classes, and getting licensed in many modalities of survival. Here is a list of classes we recommend taking anywhere you can when the time and money arises. We also teach many of them as well 😉


  • Having a plan on routes, locations to go, and what to pack
  • Contingency plans
  • Tertiary Plans

-Basic Backpacking

  • How to pack a pack and distance conditioning
  • Hit the mountains with weight and spend a couple days with minimal supplies

-Basic Survival

  • Know the 4 elements of survival in both urban and wilderness environments.
  • Take classes on them and test yourself and your knowledge.
  • Self-research is not a bad idea either


  • Know how to read a map, compass, plot points on a map, use ded-reckoning, and programing a GPS
  • Take field classes that test your ability and continue to practice and study navigation.

-First Aid

  • You can take many basic classes here in San Diego. There are wilderness classes and tactical classes one can take, both will do fine and often over lap.
  • If you have the money get a WFA, WFR, WEMT certs.


  • Learn about Ham Radios, CB, and Personal Radios
  • Get a Ham License and be able to send an receive emergency information
  • Learn radio wave propagation
  • Local Emergency freqs to listen to what’s going on and respond accordingly


  • Learn how to operate a handgun safely and accurately.
  • Learn weapon types, calibers and go to the range often and practice
  • Learn about home defense
  •  Long Rifle Vs Handguns

-Learn How to Talk

  • Interpersonal communications are important to defusing situations, and getting what you want or need for your family.
  • Learn how to read people and obtain intel that can benefit your family.
  • Figure out who is a threat and who is an asset to your survival.
  • Observe people and learn behavior profiling
  • Col. Coopers Color Codes

You don’t need to be a Super Underwater Ninja Scuba Sniper to survive disasters, you just have to remain calm and have a plan. Of course the more classes you take the better the plan you can make to ensure you and your family’s survival.

Understand that survival situations can happen anywhere and that wilderness skills can and will bleed into urban environments. Just because you are in an urban setting doesn’t negate the fact that you still need fire, water, food and shelter. Urban environments just make things a bit easier to do and maintain. Survival situations can occur in the urban environments and you may bug out to a wilderness area or you just end up someplace outside the city. You will still need those skills regardless and of course, knowledge is the lightest thing you can carry.

You can have all the cool survival tools and all the knowledge in the world, but if you cant survive your own brain, you will not survive the environment. You have to understand the physiology of the brain and how it affects the body. Your emotional strength and resolve will determine how you see the survival situation and how others who rely on you see you. You must maintain a sense of stillness and calmness, and to make sure panic does not overtake your mind and body. You have to be honest with yourself, if you cannot survive the barista fucking up your order at Starbucks, how the hell do you expect to survive a disaster.


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