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Bug Out Survival Kit

Bug Out Survival Kit

Survival Kit

Store bought survival kits are ok in a pinch, but the best kits are ones you build yourself from your own experiences and research. You will want the survival kit to be smaller and will fit in a pouch that you can put on a hip, pocket or belt. The purpose of these kits are to make sure it’s on your person so in case you have to dump your pack, gets destroyed or have to leave it behind, the survival kit theoretically, will contain the bare minimal supplies to help keep you alive. Remember, you need 4 elements of fire, water, food, and shelter.

Below are what I have in my pack



Wheel Sparker          Ferro Rod/Matches   Magnifying glass       Rifle Round

Cotton Balls                Rubbing Alcohol



Aqua Tabs                  Fire for Boiling           Water Filter (if it fits)



SOL Blanket               Cordage or Bungee   Plastic Poncho



Cordage for Traps     Wire for traps            Fishing Gear (hook, line and sinker)

Arrow Heads              Spear Points



Folding knife              Wire Saw        Duct Tape



Band-Aids      Duct tape       Cotton Balls    Rubbing Alcohol        Aspirin


-Of course you will add and subtract and notice that there are some redundancies and some bleed overs. Survival is not an exact science and situations dictate how you use some items over the other. Remember, it’s risk vs reward.


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