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The Bourne Event

The Bourne Event  $15,000, with optional training 25,000

Do you think you have what it takes to be a spy for a week? Survival experts from San Diego School of Survival,  Former government agents and Special Operations personnel have come together to design a 72 hour event where you will be tested on survival skills, intelligence, trade craft, negotiation, navigation, reconnaissance, observation, and intelligence gathering  to hunt down and capture a “terrorist”.  You will be dropped in a remote location where the next 72 hours you will be a lone operative looking for an enemy of the state. The choices that you make in this game, affect every move you make and the outcome of the game

Role Players will be Survival Experts, Former Government Agents and LE, and Operators from various US Special Operations Branches.


With optional 4 day training before event, $25,000