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Classes We Offer

All classes will take place in the field and on the go. We firmly believe that outdoor education is best taught, outdoors and not in classrooms. However we will accommodate in higher levels of academia. 

Basic Hiking, Packing, and Preparation

Recommended for first time San Diego Hikers, or those just getting into hiking.

 Intro to Land Navigation.

This isn’t your typical orienteering course. We teach you the type of Land Nav the professionals in the Military use. 

Land Navigation

This is a fun course where you get to show your stuff. We will set out points on a map and allow you to plot and find coordinates listed as grids on a map that you will get to find! Cost is flat $250

 Wilderness Survival day hike

In this class we discuss the fundamentals of survival during the day in multiple locations in the field

Confidence Course.

One of our more popular courses. Do you have what it takes to test your skills? Put your money where you mouth is and test your outdoor skills in a 15-24 hour event.

Wilderness Survival Overnighter

No, we wont drop you in the middle of nowhere with just a knife (Not yet at least) This will be a fun and relaxing over night trip. 

Wilderness Survival Test

This is not be for the faint of heart. You and your classmates, under the supervision of instructors, will hike into a remote location and stay there, surviving with minimal supplies. 

 The Bourne Event

Do you think you have what it takes to be a spy for a week? Survival experts from San Diego School of Survival,  Former government agents and Special Operations personnel have come together to design a 72 hour event where you will be tested.

San Diego School of Survival Outdoor Leadership Program

(Instructor Trainer Program)

SDSOS’s IT Program is designed to train those who would become guides for outdoor education programs, Sporting Outfitters, Outdoor Professionals, and professions where work environments are remote.

 Our philosophy on leadership encompasses ideas of Emotional Survival, as well as the upmost emotional strength and character one must maintain while leading groups in the wilderness in professional, recreational, and of course life or death survival situations.

 Corporate and Team Building Events

Team building is important both in the military and corporate environments. It solidifies unit cohesion and camaraderie  among those who are put in un ordinary situations.

Urban Survival

The world is becoming a dangerous place these days. The importance of knowing how to survive during disasters and terrorist attacks on domestic soil is ever increasing.