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Corporate and Team building events

Corporate and Team Building events

Team building is important both in the military and corporate environments. It solidifies unit cohesion and camaraderie  among those who are put in un ordinary situations. Events like these show students and colleagues their own abilities and instill self confidence in them selves and more importantly, confidence in their peers. We offer many other courses that can be requested by private parties for events for your family, friends, co-workers, and corporate events.  The Specific interest courses range in a variety of subjects and instructors not listed. All guides and instructors will be more than qualified to host any event you want.

We suggest the following activities when considering Team Building.

Land Navigation,

Teams of two or 3 can combine skills and team work to find 6-10 points located in an area of over 6 miles using only a map, compass and some skills we teach them.

Wilderness Survival,

Doesn’t have to be as grueling as it sounds. These activities can be done in a day. Teams can compete in various events such as primitive fire building, and shelter construction.

Man Tracking

What’s more fun than having teams try to track and out track each other. Using team work, students will track fellow colleagues through desert or forested areas.  

Distance Hiking

Students can compete against each other or with each other by hiking distances over various terrains, and climates in a 2 day event.