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What to wear

We generally spend a lot of time in hot, arid conditions, so loose fitted, light colored clothing is a must. Stay away from black or dark colored clothing unless the fabric is designed for hot weather. Boots or shoes that are trail appropriate, and have been broken in are recommended. If you’re a barefoot walker, you must bring an extra set of boots or shoes in case of injury.

Night time in the desert and high elevation areas get pretty cold, so expect to pack warmer clothing for evening times or night time instruction and sitting around the fire (provided you were able to build one)

In any survival situation, you will probably not be wearing what you would like. Murphy’s Law will almost always dictate you will not have enough to wear when it’s cold. Or your clothes will not be appropriate for hot weather. One thing to remember however, is that regardless of the situation, at least you’re not naked, and your clothes can and will come in handy.