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Gift Certificates

Out of ideas for gifts? Purchase your loved ones or friends a course from us. We will create a personalized course folder for you to give them. Its not just a little piece of paper, no this is a folder containing the course description, map of the area, packing list, itinerary, weather conditions, information on the instructors, and a personal letter to them from us on your behalf. We will hand deliver the folder to you at a location that is convenient for you.

Gift Certificates are available for the following courses

Confidence Course: $400, Great for hikers who need a boost of confidence in their outdoor abilities and skills. This will test their strength, stamina, decision making, patience, observation and mental fortitude.

Wilderness Survival Day Hike $300, good hike to get people into the survival mindset, during the hike we will cover survival skills, point out useful resources, edible plants, practice observation, tracking, cardinal direction, survival navigation, primitive weapons and discuss emotional survival.

Basic Hiking, Packing and Preparation $200. Great for the beginner hiker and back country enthusiasts who want to learn how to be safe and pack right. We will provide a packing list that we highly recommend for use. During the course we will show people how to pack these items and use them during the hike. This will be a full day and transportation will be provided.

Wilderness Survival Overnighter $400, Great for a group of friends and family who want to work as a team or by them selves to learn the basics of survival. great for the beginner hiker. We will head out and spend a day in the backcountry on our 338 acre facility where you will learn the very basics on how to purify water, make shelter ( sleep in it), make fire, and find food. Transportation will be provided

Wilderness Survival Test $2500, You know that person who watches survival shows and always says “I could do that”?  This course is for them so it’s time to put them to the test.  This is a 3 day course at our 338 acre facility where they will be put in the woods with an instructor and are responsible for their own survival under the supervision of the SDSOS Staff.

All courses will be under the supervision of the Instructor.

Waivers will be signed before the course begins.

Transportion is provided in most courses.

A Spot device will be keeping track of your loved ones and friends through their adventure.