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Iron Mountain Night Hike

One of the more popular trails in San Diego, This trail offers a light challenge and blood pumping trek up the almost 3 miles to the top. Once up top, the views of San Diego and surrounding area are only matched by Cowles Mountain to the south. Iron Mountain offers a couple different options for length, and difficulty as well.  During the spring and summer months this trail gets a bit warm, so water is required. Evening hikes are a bit easier as the sun has died down and temps for night hikes drop 5-10˚F.   Recommended ages are 10 to  any abled body adult!  (Age is a state of mind these days!)  Time for this hike is 3-4 hours depending on skill, fitness, and time spent at the top. Total length is 5.8 miles round trip.

What you will need for this hike.

  • Headlamp (Red light preferred but not required)
  • BackPack
  • Water, no less than 2 liters
  • 1st aid kit
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • loose fitted, light colored clothing
  • Hiking /running shoes or boots. No Sandals, slip on shoes, shapeups, etc.
  • Sweatshirt or warm layer for down time at the top (Gets a bit cold when the sweat evaporates)

Guides will provide anything else that will be needed for this hike, including expanded first aid kits, tools, and rescue equipment.


Iron Mountain 2 DSCN3717 DSCN6135 iron-mountain 3 Iron Mountain