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Sandy B.

“Highly recommend this place for either the weekend survival course in the desert or hike with the founder, Brady Pelosa. He was very knowledgeable and is an expert in his field. We learned a lot on the hikes about the local plants and history of the area which I found quite interesting. Overall this is a great school for beginners and novices.”

khalid A.

“I met Brady about 2 years ago. He posted one of his interesting hikes and I went there and met him and the group with him. What I liked about Brady that he is so organized and it seems he did a lot of hikes a long time before I meet him. I felt comfortable being with an experienced hiker like him. He started showing us things like animals, and insects and giving us much information about them, this was really cool. If I was by myself I would not even notice them. He also knows about timing and coordinating the location and time and this is very important when you want to hike, especially the long ones. This was my 1st hike with him, but really the most interesting hike, was a long in Anzo Barrego desert. We went to hike for a day and then we camped over night and then next day we went to one of the old American Indians old villages. This all was part of foundation survival course, which helped me a lot. He taught us what is the tools that we need when we go for a long hike in order to survive and help in emergencies. He taught us how to us them and when. It was really interesting to know where to find water and food, when all what you have is gone!. He taught us what is the best route to take when you have choices. He taught us how to determine the types of the animals in the area. He taught us how to turn on a fire in the wild (this was really cool). He taught us what to do when we get lost. It was really amazing that he has knowledge about too many things and this actually gives a special flavor to his hikes. All these amazing things he taught us was only the foundation course. I am sure this guy has a lot in his pocket to expose. I moved to another city a while ago but if I were in San Diego right now, I would not miss a hike with Brady, lot of learning, experience, and FUN!”

Audra H

“I first “met” Brady online getting connected to hikers in the San Diego area.  I got to know him this way and decided one night to go on a night hike led by him with a few other guys that I had never met.  So was I a little intimidated?  Myself (a woman in her 40’s) alongside with 3 guys I’ve never met…YES.  I met Brady and the other hikers in the Iron Mountain parking lot at 7pm on a very hot September eve.  Brady put me at ease right away, offering me one of his whistle’s and some advice in case I was detached from the group.  I quickly learned that Brady was not just a “hiker”.  I felt totally safe as dark grew near and soon we were at the top of the mountain hanging out watching the city lights and the stars.  Brady took the hike very seriously in the dark in the middle of some rough terrain (at least for me).  He is prepared with his marine tools (knives, compasses, and lots of McGyver and Semper Fi knowledge!).  I have gone on many night hikes with him since and have enjoyed every one of them and had total peace of mind that he would be able to fend off any dangers, whether it be a wild animal or a bee sting!  
On these fun hikes, I also met a lot of people that Brady has taken on survival training camps out in the desert and listened to stories of his expertise on everything from nature to survival training to San Diego itself.  
What’s really great about Brady is that he just loves this stuff, he lives and breathes the outdoor life.  And he also wants to make sure his friends and followers love it as well.  I fully recommend Brady for any type of hiking tour and/or survival training needs you may have.  Brady is a great guy and friend and I am a better person to have known him!”

Peter S.

“As a Former Marine, outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, and a lover of learning, I was truly impressed with Brady’s exceptional knowledge and teaching techniques.  
I was invited to go with him to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  I thought that it would just be one of those trips where some of my military buddies would just go have some fun in the desert.  I was ecstatic when Brady sat us all down and explained what exactly we were going to do.  That is when I realized that he was a legitimate instructor, not some you-tube video learner, but  a formally trained tracker.
Throughout the day, I got to know Brady more, and realized that he has a wide breadth of knowledge on outdoor activities.  
I am excited to know that he has made the step to reach out to reach out to more students and teach more classes.  I will definitely be checking how often I will be able to get more of his knowledge into my own brain-housing group!”

Dave B.

“Having spent twenty years in the U.S. Navy, I didn’t think there was much that Brady could really teach me. To say that I was thoroughly impressed by both his knowledge of local plants common to this region and their possible uses, as well as his knowledge of local deserts and various survival skills and techniques available. I would highly recommend this team and their available training.”

John M.

I have known Mike Judd as a professional colleague , and fellow Veteran, for over three years. The things that stood out to me when I first met him have turned out to be qualities that define him as an individual: perserverence; compassion; foresight; assertiveness; intuition; trust. These are exactly the traits that an individual should look for when employing a company to teach them survival skills and because of I can not recommend The San Diego School of Survival enough. 

Although, I don’t know Brady individually I know Mike would not put his name on anything that was short of excellent . Furthermore, I have participated in many outdoor excursions with Mike Judd and have seen firsthand the totality of his skill sets . Wether it be land navigation, tracking, hunting, first aid, or simply perpetration for the unknowns Mike has shown true leadership and significant knowledge. His style of teaching is vastly rewarding as he is truly is able to disseminate technical jargon into an easy to understand format for the beginners, but also find creative ways to challenge those that are more seasoned. 

I highly recommend that you attend one of their outings and see for yourself.

Daniele M.

“The desert experience I had the honor and pride to share with Brady has been one of the best memory I brough back from my visit in Southern California.
Being an Italian Federation Survival Instructor, living a 24 hrs full immersion, hot and harsh Sonora Desert first hand contact has been of great and memorable value.
I thank Brady for the time shared together and for what he hah been able to teach me (living is an ongoing learning experience…).
I appreciated his sense of dedication and his high safety standards and would recommend his classes/courses to whoever wish to learn survival techniques.
Thanks Brady! Hope to share some more hikes with you!
Ciao from Italy!”

Dave H.

“Brady has been my instructor for quite some time now. I was totally unfamiliar with firearms and this sort of training. He is the best instructor I have ever heard of as he takes his craft seriously yet teaches, without talking down, to his students. His attitude is always upbeat, his lessons are easy to understand and he presents material in such a manner that it is not only fun but exciting. Brady and his classes are the type of places that you wish you could find but up to now, couldn’t. An unbelievably great teacher who clearly loves what he does and passes that enthusiasm on to his students, all at a great bargain. What more could you ask for?”

Susan S.

“I am a San Diego native and have hiked all of the high points in the county with many hikers and am aware of the dangers and risks involved with this sport no matter how old, young or experienced you may be.

Brady is very professional and most importantly, SAFE.   He teaches the rules on being prepared for hikes and surviving in the outback during the extreme weather conditions throughout the year and posts very professional videos on YouTube which are great reference tools.   

Hiking can be very challenging but with the right trail guide, it is also a very rewarding and enjoyable experience and a good idea to know how to be prepared and Brady is a great resource to become conditioned to hit the trails.”

Allison G.

“I’ve known Brady for a couple of years. He’s a blast on a hike!! Very knowledgeable, practical, prepared and fast enough to get arattlesnake off the trail on a night hike! As an added bonus, he’s also quite hilarious. I’m not sure if my ribs were sore from laughter or exhaustion! I haven’t yet taken one of his survival adventures, but it’s on my summer list. 

Check out some of his hiking videos on YouTube. He’s in tune with the wilderness and finds some great spots!”

Adam G.

Working with this company was easy and affordable! I really felt I should had paid them more for the amount of value that I received from them.

The best part is that Both Brady and Mike are Veterans and they are still working to keep my family safe by teaching me what I need to do to keep them safe.

I am not sure if the world is going to end or not, but being mire prepared for everyday things or even getting lost in the woods is no longer a concern of mine. 

Some people will talk down to me or be complicated in explaining what they want me to learn from them. Not these guys! They were really respectful and admired me for my willingness to learn. 

Good points: Respectful, and open. I could tell these guys anything and they were willing to help me the whole time.

Bad points: I wish I would have found them sooner!

Get on their calendar too! They are always doing events and so forth. Great stuff!”