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Valhalla Bound

Mathew Sulamo  “Warrior traditions have been passed down through the ages by fighting men in foreign lands for centuries. I first learned of Valhalla (Viking warrior heaven) in this fashion, while serving as a young Recon Marine in Okinawa, Japan. Stories of great deeds were recited over the bonfires of Recon Point. A dedication to these Warrior traditions, a life long love for the outdoor adventures, and a personal need to Honor fallen comrades led me to this artistic endeavor…”

-Matthew Sulamo



We could tell you all about Matt and about what he does. Maybe some heart felt BS about his humble backgrounds. But thats just not who Matt is. All you need to know is that he is a man with warrior blood and artistic spirit, who answered a calling in the Marine Corps, and further progressed his warrior indoctrination by joining one of the most elite fighting forces in the world, USMC Recon… So lets just let his work speak for him. If you like his stuff...Click Here, and tell him what you want.

-Brady Pesola


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