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Wilderness Survival Overnighter

Wilderness Survival Overnighter $400

-No, we wont drop you in the middle of nowhere with just a knife (Not yet at least) This will be a fun and relaxing over night trip. we will take you out to one of many location in San Diego and show you how to make different shelters, make fires, find water, navigate, and more importantly survive your own mind. This will be a camping trip so please feel free to bring your comfort items and food that you would normally bring for a day hike or over night backpacking trip. Due to limited space in some areas TENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED. We will have ample time to practice our new found skills with help and support from other students and staff in needed. At night we will settle in and sit around the camp fire (Provided some one has made one from the class)  As always this will be a Pre-Rec for the next class.